About Us

We've proudly served Canadians since 1979. Our uncompromising commitment to deliver exceptional customer service has made us Canada's largest and one of the industry's leading providers of home furnishing protection plans and customer care programs. “Service is our Passion” is not just our mantra — it’s a belief we demonstrate by going above and beyond to meet the needs of our customers. Operating out of London, Ontario, we believe in continually striving to provide the most environmentally safe and efficient products available from around the globe.

Our Team

We are led by an experienced team of seasoned professionals who are passionate about delivering exceptional service — while still finding ways to have fun!

  • Image of Brad Geddes

    Brad Geddes

    President & CEO

    As an accomplished entrepreneur and business leader, Brad and his team are constantly creating opportunities to help our retail partners, customers and employees discover new ways to achieve maximum success.

  • Image of Mindy Dodd

    Mindy Dodd

    Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

    With her passion for coaching people and consistently achieving results, Mindy is our inspirational leader who keeps us focused on delivering the very best customer experiences.

  • Image of Mark Geddes

    Mark Geddes

    Senior Director, Sales

    With his first-hand knowledge gained from experience in both the insurance and retail furniture industry, Mark guides our national retail partners as they use our innovative protection and service programs to deliver maximum results.

  • Image of Michelle Mahovlich

    Michelle Mahovlich

    Director, Culture & Personnel

    By maintaining our unique Zucorian culture, Michelle is constantly devising ways to help our team members achieve their personal aspirations while contributing their very best.

  • Image of Ashleigh Geddes

    Ashleigh Geddes

    Director, Plan Registrations

    Ashleigh ensures our plan registration programs provide the ultimate support for our retail partners and their customers.

  • Image of David Cohn

    David Cohn

    National Sales Manager

    With an infectious enthusiasm for life and laughter and a passion for helping our partners grow their business, David is the inspiration behind our incredible team of professional Sales Agents.

  • Image of Magda E.

    Magda Everett

    Director, Financial Services

    Magda leads our incredible team of financial professionals who assist our many partners and associates. She also provides the internal support and guidance we need to keep our business financially strong and healthy.

  • Trevor Brimson

    Trevor Brimson

    Director, Digital Transformation

    While leading our continuously evolving business transformation, Trevor helps us leverage the power of technology to create new solutions for our many partners and customers.

  • Image of Name

    Oksana Tchoutchman

    Director, Customer Solutions

    Delivering exceptional service is what Oksana does best. Finding creative solutions, we count on Oksana’s experience and professional expertise to deliver an outstanding result that pleases both our retail partners and customers.

  • Image of Jim Brower

    Jim Brower

    Director, Product & Logistics

    Jim leads our product manufacturing and distribution operations to make sure we deliver only the best solutions for our customers.

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