Home Care

Discover our safe, toxin-free household products from our complete ZU Collection. You'll find them easy-to-use and perfectly designed to keep your home smelling clean and fresh. Proudly Canadian-made and delivered right to your door!

Cleaning & Protection

Cleaning and Protection

Our all-natural solutions including stain removers, floor cleaners, and dishwashing liquids are completely free of toxic chemicals and safe to use throughout your home. Our products also have minimal environmental impact, both in our manufacturing process, and in the all-natural, plant-based ingredients found in everything we make.

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Tools & Textiles

Tools and Textiles

Our innovative cleaning systems including microfibre tools, mops, and micro cleaning sponges are more effective than traditional cleaning methods. Our products are durable and multi-functional, saving you time, money and effort. Use alongside our cleaning solutions to form a dirt-and-bacteria fighting power combo!

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Homecare Kits

Clean and maintain all surfaces in your home with Zucora's complete care kits. Save money and effectively clean your home when you choose our all-in-one kits with our all-natural, plant-based formulas. Whether you're looking for hard surface cleaning essentials or a sample package of our best-sellers, find your kit here.

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We're here to help today's modern families looking for effective, safe cleaning solutions for their homes.

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    We make it easy

    Gentle yet tough cleaning solutions help you get the job done in no time.

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    We are innovative

    We work with our labs to develop the best products and protection for a healthy home environment.

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    We keep it simple

    We bring you simple yet effective solutions for your home.

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    We have nothing to hide

    Have a question? We have the answer. We're here to help!

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    We know families

    We understand that life can be busy - let our products help you live life comfortably.

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Why we do what we do

We believe that family traditions should include creating a better world for future generations. Our ZU Collection products are an innovative line of safe, non-toxic, effective and convenient household cleaning and personal care products designed to help all of us enjoy safer living environments, both indoors and out. We are committed to providing the most advanced solutions that can make living easier.

ZU Collection products are an essential part of keeping my home clean. I find their products easy to use and help me avoid having to use toxic chemicals.
Sandra J., Richmond Hill