Product Information

Product Information

Powerful and effective without harsh chemicals. Lightly scented with natural peppermint, this all-natural toilet bowl cleaner eliminates dirt, germs, stains and bacteria with ease, leaving nothing behind but a clean toilet! Don’t let this eco-friendly product scare you away, Potty Time Polish is as effective as traditional toilet cleaners at cleaning and disinfecting, but without using harsh chemicals or bleach. Remove mold, mildew, rust stains and lime scale using only plant-based ingredients. Thick formula clings to the sides of the bowl to clean and sanitize your toilet to a toxin-free shine. Use Potty Time Polish alongside our Bathroom Cleaner for a well-rounded duo that will leave every inch of your bathroom positively sparkling. 


  • Cleans and disinfects without toxins
  • Dissolves tough stains without harsh chemicals
  • Removes lime scale build-up and hard water stains
  • Removes rust stains and mineral deposits
  • No toxic fumes
  • Leave nothing behind but a light scent of peppermint
  • Septic and grey water safe
  • Eco-friendly and biodegradable


Artificial fragrance & dyes, Bleach and chlorine, PEG’s, Silicons Compounds

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