Product Information

Product Information

Show your floors some love! A revolutionary bucket-free mopping system, here to make floor cleaning a breeze! No more heavy, sloppy mop buckets filled with dirty water and chemicals. This lightweight mop cleans without water and is great for use all over the home, not just the floors! Package includes mop hardware system from ZU and all three ZU Microfiber Mop Pads - Heavy Duty, Light Duty and Dusting. This complete package is guaranteed to keep your hardwood and laminate floors looking fresh and clean for years to come.


  • No messy bucket of water
  • Clean your floors without toxins or harsh chemicals
  • Microfiber mop pads remove bacteria, grime and dirt
  • Lightweight design with a telescopic mop handle
  • Save when buying as a package


  • 1 x Dusting Pad
  • 1 x Light Duty Pad
  • 1 x Heavy Duty Pad
  • 1 x Mop Hardware


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